Stéphane Villafane

Visual artist & Architect

Born in France, 1969

Lives and works in Barcelona and South of France





Graduated in 2000 from the School of Architecture of Lyon (France)  with specialization in visual arts

Main exhibitions since 2008 

2019  Gallery // Esther Montoriol, Barcelona // Spain 

2019  Gallery // Lisa Norris, London // United Kingdom 

2017  Gallery // MMB, Avignon // France

2017  Gallery // Galerie13, Montpellier // France

2016  Fondation // Lluro, Mataro // Spain 

2014  Gallery // Mark Hachem, Paris // France 

2013  Gallery // Griffin, London // United Kingdom 

2012  Gallery // Gallery 32, Amman // Jordan 

2011  Gallery // Modus, Paris // France 

2009  Fondation // IAC Juan Gil Albert, Alicante // Spain 

2008  Gallery // Montcada, Barcelona // Spain


Create an elsewhere with what is in front of your eyes.

Everything starts from there, from a real landscape made of lights, vibrations, colors, multiple spaces in which I immerse myself to create on the white canvas an "other" landscape which does not reproduce anything, does not interpret anything of what is in front of me, but reveals little by little what enters me in an unspeakable way...