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Born in France, 1969

Lives and works in Palma de Mallorca, Spain



2000                          Graduate Architect   

1994/2000                 Internships in different architecture and design agencies

1992/1994                 National School of Architecture of Lyon, France (with specialization in visual arts: painting, photography)

1991/1992                 Technical College of Architecture of Barcelona, Spain

1988/1991                 National School of Architecture of Lyon, France

Currently represented by the galleries

Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, United States

Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Begbie & Coll Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Selected exhibitions 

2024                           Dolby Chadwick Gallery, San Francisco, United States 

2023                           Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 

2022                           Thomas Tournemine Gallery, La Baule, France       

2022                           Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 

2021                           Thomé Gallery, Paris, France

2020                           Port Gallery, Barcelona, Spain                                   

2019                           Esther Montoriol Gallery, Barcelona, Spain 

2019                           Lisa Norris Gallery, London, United Kingdom 

2017                           Marie-Marguerite Bühler Gallery, Avignon, France

2017                           Odulia Caparros Gallery, Montpellier, France

2016                           Lluro Fondation, Mataro, Spain 

2014                           Mark Hachem Gallery, Paris, France 

2013                           Griffin Gallery, London, United Kingdom 

2012                           Gallery 32, Amman, Jordan 

2011                           Modus Gallery, Paris, France 

2009                           Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture of Alicante, Spain 

2008                           Montcada Gallery, Barcelona, Spain

Selected collections & commissions

Tribune Tower Chicago, Illinois

Norwegian Cruise Line, Miami, Florida

Four Seasons Hotels, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Loews Hotels, Kansas City, Missouri

Cambria Hotel Boston Somerville, Massachusetts

The Jasper Apartments, Charleston, South Carolina

The Hythe Hotel, Vail, Colorado

Hilton Dallas Lincoln Centre, Dallas, Texas

The Laurel Hotel, Auburn, Alabama

Royal Sonesta Hotel, 20 Mass, Washington, District off Columbia

KSL Capital Partners, New York, New York

McKinsey & Company, The Post building, London, United Kingdom 

Vinci Real Estate, Montpellier, France

Lluro Fondation, Mataro, Spain 

Juan Gil-Albert Institute of Culture of Alicante, Spain 

Artistic approach & Process

Create an elsewhere with what is in front of your eyes.

Everything starts from there, from a real landscape made of lights, vibrations, colors, multiple spaces in which I immerse myself to create on the white canvas an "other" landscape which does not reproduce anything, does not interpret anything of what is in front of me, but reveals little by little what enters me in an unspeakable way...

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